Bizarre Carolina Hurricanes goal overturned thanks to broken netting

Hockey fans may have seen this kind of glitch before in a video game, but one strange play in Tuesday’s game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins has many wondering if they have ever seen a “goal” like this before at the NHL level.

When Hurricanes defenseman Jaccob Slavin sent a backhand shot on-net with 2:09 left in the middle frame, the puck entered the net — but not in the conventional way.

The rubber disk made its way through the netting itself, broke through the twine and sent Twitter ablaze in the process. The call on the ice was initially ruled a goal, but instant replay quickly revealed what really happened.

The Carolina Hurricanes were not thrilled but used the opportunity to get in on the recent “gonna tell my kids” internet trend.

The Boston Bruins didn’t seem to mind — after all, the game remained tied.

And the rest of Twitter followed suit, adding their thoughts on the odd play.

The net was tended to at the intermission by the best in the business so nobody could “score” again this way.

The score between the Hurricanes and Bruins remained 0-0 after two periods.

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