MLB Rule 5 Draft 2019: Start time, draft order, results

The final day of the 2019 Baseball Winter Meetings is here, which means it’s time for the Rule 5 Draft.

One of the more underrated events of the year, the Rule 5 Draft gives teams an opportunity to steal talent from other clubs, who may either not have space for them on their major league roster or don’t fully see the talent.

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Shane Victorino and Johan Santana are just two examples of players who were selected in the Rule 5 Draft who went on to have very successful major league careers.

Here’s all you need to know about the 2019 installment: 

What is the 2019 Rule 5 Draft?

There’s a bit of technical stuff that goes into the Rule 5 draft, but the gist is this: Players in a minor league system who are not placed on a team’s 40-man roster are eligible to be drafted by another team with a few qualifications:

— Players who signed with their current club at age 18 or younger and have five years of experience are eligible to be drafted if they aren’t on the 40-man roster.

— Players who are 19 or older and have four years of experience are eligible, as well.

Once a player is drafted, the team drafting the player must pay $100,000 to the club from which the player is drafted. The selected player must stay on a team’s 25-man roster for a year. If not, he reverts back to his original squad for $50,000.

A team can only make a selection if its 40-man roster is not full.

When is the 2019 Rule 5 Draft?

The Rule 5 draft takes place on Thursday, Dec. 12 at noon eastern (9 a.m. PT). 

Rule 5 Draft 2019 order

The Rule 5 draft order is the reverse order of the 2019 regular-season standings:

1. Tigers
2. Orioles
3. Marlins
4. Royals
5. Blue Jays
6. Mariners
7. Pirates
8. Padres
9. Rockies
10. Angels
11. White Sox
12. Reds
13. Giants
14. Rangers
15. Phillies
16. Cubs
17. Red Sox
18. Diamondbacks
19. Mets
20. Brewers
21. Cardinals
22. Nationals
23. Indians
24. Rays
25. Braves
26. A’s
27. Twins
28. Yankees
29. Dodgers
30. Astros

Rule 5 Draft 2019 selections

Eleven selections were made in the major-league portion of the 2019 Rule 5 Draft.

1. Detroit Tigers: Rony Garcia, RHP, New York (AL) Triple A.

2. Baltimore Orioles: Brandon Bailey, RHP, Houston, Triple A. 

3. Miami Marlins: Sterling Sharp, RHP, Washington, Triple A.

4. Kansas City Royals: Stephen Woods Jr., RHP, Tampa Bay, Triple A.

5. Toronto Blue Jays: Pass.

6. Seattle Mariners: Johan Ramirez, RHP, Houston, Triple A.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates: Pass.

8. Los Angeles Angels: Pass.

9. Chicago White Sox: Pass.

10. Cincinnati Reds: Mark Payton, OF, Oakland, Triple A.

11. San Francisco Giants: Danny Jimenez, RHP, Toronto Triple A.

12. Texas Rangers: Pass.

13. Philadelphia Phillies: Vimael Machin, SS, Chicago (NL) Triple A.

14. Chicago Cubs: Trevor Megill, RHP, San Diego, Triple A.

15. Boston Red Sox: Jonathan Arauz, IF, Houston, Triple A.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks: Pass.

17. Milwaukee Brewers: Pass.

18. Washington Nationals: Pass.

19. Tampa Bay Rays: Pass.

20. Atlanta Braves: Pass.

21. Oakland A’s: Pass.

22. Minnesota Twins: Pass.

23. Los Angeles Dodgers: Pass.

24. Houston Astros: Pass.

Round 2:

1. Detroit Tigers: Pass.

2. Baltimore Orioles: Michael Rucker, Chicago (NL) Triple A.

3. Kansas City Royals: Pass.

4. Seattle Mariners: Pass.

5. Cincinnati Reds: Pass.

6. Chicago Cubs: Pass.

7. Boston Red Sox: Pass.

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